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The value of hitting the reset button

Last month, Daniel and I were so fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in a wellness weekend retreat led by our dear friend, Kai Salang, in the mountains outside of Asheville, NC. The retreat included yoga, singing bowl sound bath, meditation, paddle boarding on Lake Lure, and gourmet plant-based catered meals. It was a beautiful place to spend time with beautiful souls. Daniel and I loved working with our friends Kai, Darcy and Heidi to make the weekend special for the guests, but it was so incredibly special for us, too. Getting away for three nights to focus on wellness, with no parenting responsibilities, definitely felt like we were getting space and time to reset and recharge. It reminded me of the world’s greatest IT hack – when something isn’t working, first try powering down and rebooting/resetting! I think we all need to do this from time to time in our own lives. Not just because the time spent recharging is so valuable itself, but also because the value extends beyond those precious moments into the following weeks, months, maybe even years.

In my case, during the 3-day retreat, I started practicing yoga regularly again and eating healthy, nutritious, nourishing foods again. These were two things I had definitely let fall by the wayside in the last year or so. The retreat gave me the opportunity to reconnect with these two things I value so much (physical movement and nutritious eating), and amazingly, I have kept up with these over the past 5 weeks since the retreat. Before the wellness weekend getaway, if you had asked me if I would get up at 6 am on my day off for a yoga practice at the studio, stop having a daily (eek!) caramel latte, commit to eating vegetarian again, and take up barre classes as a way to challenge myself in a new way… it would have all sounded good (except for the 6 am part…which I now love, btw) … but I don’t know that I would have believed the change could take place in an instant and then stick. That’s the power of resetting, my friends! The IT hack can work in our human lives, too!

Of course, getting to a retreat is not easy for most people and not even feasible for many. The good news is, there are other ways to reboot and reset from home… and in fact I have decided to offer a mini coaching program in July to do just that.

Specifically, I’ve put together a 14-day Intentional Living Challenge, which will be offered within a private Facebook group from July 1 - July 14. Each day will have its own mindfulness and/or writing exercise aimed at resetting and moving forward with intention. There will be short videos/instruction from yours truly, and supportive group interaction to encourage one another throughout the experience.


if you are feeling like you could use a reset…

if you want to bring more intention to your life rather than living by default…

if you want to get off autopilot and get started making some real and meaningful changes in your life…

I hope you’ll consider joining me in the group!

The 14 day program is FREE in exchange for active participation in the group (i.e., doing all the exercises and sharing/supporting/encouraging within the FB group).

Interested? Email me at for more details!


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