A Training Course for Mental Health Professionals

REGISTRATION NOW OPEN! Course starts May 24, 2019!

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This course includes 8 live webinars, with recordings available for anyone unable to join live. Class sessions cover the following topics: 


  • Intro to positive psychology coaching 

  • The benefits of adding positive psychology coaching to your skillset/practice 

  • Differences between positive psychology and clinical psychology/traditional mental health treatment 

Positive psychology coaching sessions  

  • Key components of a coaching session 

  • Adapting the skills you already have in clinical psychology/mental health treatment to coaching sessions 

  • Differences between coaching sessions and therapy sessions 

Positive psychology coaching toolkit 

PPC Toolkit takes you through several of the most effective positive psychology interventions that can be implemented with clients presenting with a wide variety of goals. You learn them AND practice them through self-coaching exercises – meaning that you also get to benefit from the coaching practices in your own personal development! 

  • Create a more meaningful life: Values work 

  • Increase well-being: Mindfulness and mind management 

  • Career coaching: Design your life 

  • Going for big goals: Self-confidence / growth mindset 

Implementing PPC in your professional career 

  • Adding PPC as a skillset to your clinical repertoire versus starting a separate PPC practice 

  • Legal, ethical and administrative considerations for mental health professionals who do coaching 


Final webinar is a Q&A format where I answer frequently asked questions as well as specific questions you and your classmates submit. 


  • 8 webinar class sessions (offered lived + recorded)

  • Class notes / presentation materials

  • Recommended reading assignments

  • Journal prompts & coaching exercises (you can use these for your own personal development, and you can use with clients in the future!)

  • Q&A with me throughout the course via email



Live classes (webinars) will be held weekly on Fridays from 12-1 pm EST, beginning May 24, 2019, via Zoom online platform (www.zoom.us). The course includes 8 live webinars, with recordings available for those unable to join live or who would like to view the material again. Presentation materials will be available in advance, and recordings will be posted following each session.



Short weekly reading assignments from positive psychology and coaching literature help students further explore and understand the concepts learned in class.  

Weekly journal prompts and other experiential activities are also provided for students who want to deepen their connection with the material and gain insights to enhance their personal and professional development as coaches. In essence, you will be getting your own coaching as an added bonus of taking this course! 

Throughout the course, you are welcome to email me questions and I will respond to you individually and/or address your question in class (with your permission).  

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Please note this course is only offered to mental health professionals (e.g., licensed psychologists, clinical social workers, counselors) or students currently enrolled in a doctoral psychology program. You will be asked to provide your licensing information or proof of enrollment in a doctoral psychology program upon registering for the course. 

A discount is offered to current students and alumni of my alma mater, Nova Southeastern University College of Psychology. For details, please email me.

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About the Instructor: Dr. Bailar-Heath

Neuropsychologist, positive psychology coach, and positive psychology coaching instructor 

Since completing my doctorate degree in clinical psychology from Nova Southeastern University, and my internship and postdoctoral training with Harvard Medical School/VA Boston Healthcare System, I have worked as a neuropsychologist with medical patients in academic medical centers and private practice. It has been rewarding and stimulating to work with patients with various neurologic and psychiatric disorders, but I have always had a desire to apply findings from neuroscience and psychology research in the lives of healthy, high-functioning individuals as well. In 2016, I completed training in positive psychology coaching and started practicing coaching on the side, here and there. Like other psychologists-turned-coaches, I immediately found coaching to be a breath of fresh air. Assisting clients to quickly and successfully effect huge transformations in their lives is extremely fulfilling and invigorating work. Now I want to help other mental health professionals learn the positive psychology skills set, too. As the demand for coaching is steadily increasing, so is the earning potential of coaches, and mental health professionals are ideally suited to be the most effective coaches. When the professional skills and scientific knowledge of a mental health practitioner are combined with the empirically supported interventions of positive psychology coaching, potential outcomes clients can achieve are limitless. Teaching mental health professionals to adapt their clinical skills to the coaching industry feels like a win-win situation for me: as more MHP’s practice coaching, the industry will grow even stronger (benefitting even more clients), and MHP’s will experience the tremendous advantages of doing this work.


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